It's like your virginity: the sequel.

How I Met Your Mother – Rebound Bro
Ted betrays Stella by sharing an intimate secret with his friends, which threatens his relationship with her.

Plotline #1: Ted tells his friends that he and Stella haven’t had sex yet. She wants to take things slow, and Ted is ok with waiting. Soon after, though, a desperate Ted tries to have sex with Stella in her office, and she admits that she hasn’t had sex in five years. Ted immediately tells his friends. Stella decides that she’s ready to sleep with Ted, and they plan an intimate night at a hotel. Ted starts to feel a lot of pressure because “it’s like her virginity: the sequel.” Lily says that Stella “needs it so bad that anything you do will seem like fireworks.” Marshall tells Ted to lower Stella’s expectations. When Stella comes to pick up Ted and runs into Marshall and Lily, the couple makes it clear that they know about her little secret. Stella is not cool with that. She says there’s always a reason not to sleep with a guy, and Ted just gave her his. He accuses her of looking for a reason to be mad at him just because they’re getting serious and she’s scared. The next day, Stella admits she overreacted. She says she’s in. It’s cute. And then she takes him to meet Lucy, her daughter.

Plotline #2: Barney, trying to save face, tells Ted he has to let him go. The gang wants them to get back together, and Robin asks why Ted’s not as mad at her. Ted says he’s not mad, he’s just outgrown Barney as a friend. Randy, a guy at work, offers to be Barney’s new wingman, but Barney rejects him, telling him this job is like “vice president of awesome” and Randy is “assistant undersecretary of only okay.” Barney tries to recruit some old friends but learns they’re all either settled down or already have other bros. Unable to find anyone, Barney finally relents and asks Randy to be his wingman. And Randy is adorable, taking notes when they hang out and eagerly explaining that he’s been reading Barney’s blog for years. Unfortunately he can’t talk to women, but he does mutter to himself, hide under a table, and get a nosebleed when he gets an erection. Trying to pick up a girl, Randy tells her she’s a fat, ugly whore. So, Barney calls Robin to act as a stand-in so Randy can practice. Robin points out that Randy is just a rebound bro, so Barney breaks up with him.

In other news, Ted’s son has gotten really old. This episode was not the best ever, but it wasn’t terrible. It certainly had its moments, like Barney’s old friend who is ready to party with Cranium and 27 Dresses. But Barney needs to be let back in the group again. And poor Robin. When she’s not the focus of an episode, she really doesn’t do much. And now I leave you with my favorite bit…

Barney describes Ted to Randy:
Barney: When I met him, he was an even bigger loser than you.
Randy: What a loser.

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