Unicorn fighting a werewolf. It's the ultimate battle.

Reaper – Cancun
The demons target Sam when they fear he may pose a greater threat to their rebellion than the devil himself. A treacherous trap is set, bringing surprising allies to Sam's side and leading to shocking revelations that could have explosive implications for his future. Meanwhile, Sock falls for a demon.

This finale was chock-full of fun, but with my inability to move my arm, I didn’t take notes. Sooo, here is the quick and dirty recap: Tony and his demon army build a cage to trap the devil – or at least that’s what they tell Sam. Really, the cage is for Sam, the spawn of Satan. Sara escapes the clutches of the INS, leaving Ben to go to jail, but sweet ol’ Cassidy sticks by him all the way.

Sam tries to talk to his mom & dad about his true parentage, but they both give him the brush-off. Josie dumps Sock, so he turns around and falls for a succubus, who shaves a year off his life every time she kisses him. Yikes.

Now that Sam and Andi are together, she has been relegated to doing research and being asked to stay behind while he and the boys do various things. Nice.

In the end, Tony traps Sam and his dad when the poor man tries to save Sam. But then Steve appears. Tony sees that Steve has gone to heaven, and recognizes that what they are doing is wrong. He saves Sam, but Sam’s father is buried alive in the cage.

Sam, Sock, and Ben light a large straw effigy on fire in homage to Sam’s dad. I dunno if this was supposed to be touching, but it was a little too jubilant. In the end, we see Sam’s mom digging in the dirt, and Sam’s dad’s voice says, “What took you so long?”

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