We're not just friends...we're brothers.

How I Met Your Mother – Miracles
In the season three finale, Ted has an accident and his close call with death finds him reevaluating his life and his relationship with Stella.

This finale had everything you’d expect: Stella invites Ted to a wedding that is six months away, so he breaks up with her. Then, he gets into a car accident and all his friends rush desperately to the hospital to learn that he’s fine – only he has realized he never should have dumped Stella. He says that in a near-death experience, your life doesn’t flash before you. You only see the things you love. Stella, who doesn’t realize they’ve broken up, shows up and everyone’s all, “How cool of you to show up even though Ted just dumped you.” So then she dumps him.

Meanwhile, Lily calls Barney to tell him about Ted’s accident, and Barney runs all the way to the hospital and gets hit by a bus. There is kind of a weird scene where he’s in traction and asks Ted if they can be friends again and Ted says, “We’re more than friends, we’re brothers.” And then Ted and Barney and Marshall all start to cry. With Barney’s permission, Ted runs off to win back Stella, and Marshall asks what Barney saw in his near-death experience. And what did Barney see? BOO-YAH! He saw Robin! He doesn’t say that though.

Ted finds Stella and asks her to marry him, and that’s the end.

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