90210 S1E8: Seventeen Year Itch

I think someone has an affair in this one? Something like that. And this is the one where the school has a contest to choose a new DJ for the West Beverly High radio show, which apparently broadcasts 24-7 because it seems as if it is on every time they walk through the halls. Must be awfully exhausting for the DJ to get out of class, race to the booth, yammer on for 3 minutes, and then rush to his next class.

We open on Jim & Cindy in the bedroom the night of their anniversary. Cindy is the only member of the family who isn’t wowed by their new locale. She is getting tired of Jim working all of the time while she – who has made no friends in BH yet – is forced to hang out with a maid she didn’t want to hire in the first place.

At the nursery one day, Cindy runs into an old flame who has become a devil-may-care photographer. And she goes to bed one night with a blue facial mask on. Like, she sleeps with it on. Is that normal? Anyway, Cindy is swept away by the fun of seeing Glen again and has all sorts of second thoughts about her life. She even kisses him passionately on a rooftop. Jim is kind of a dick through all of this. When Cindy asks, “Aren’t you going to ask how my day was?” Jim’s response is “I’m tired.” However, he does admit that he’s in over his head at his job, and he’s having a hard time adjusting to Beverly Hills.

Cindy runs to Glen’s after a nasty fight with Jim, and it just so happens to be the same night that Glen is planning to take the twin’s pictures. Nothing happens between Cindy and Glen, but naturally the kids see her run out of the apartment and think she’s having an affair. The next morning, Cindy and Jim make up but the kids are totally rude to her. In the end, Cindy sends Glen packing and everyone makes up. Shocking, I know.

In teen land, the school DJ is leaving so there is a competition to see who will take his place. David wants it, but has no confidence that a freshman will get the job. Donna tries out and is kind of cute. This must be when David starts to fall for her. Steve also tries out, but he freezes up. David saves him, and does a fantastic job. I mean, not really. But for the purposes of the show.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Brenda agree to take part in a twin study at the university. At first they feel like they don’t measure up because they can’t read one another’s minds. Then they have to take IQ tests. Is this the one where they get the same scores, only reversed? No, that was the SATs. Anyway, they feel inadequate but then the woman running the study says they make a great team but they need to be sure to respect each other’s differences. So this becomes a running joke between them, where each one keeps saying how much he/she respects the other. It’s actually pretty funny.

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