90210 S1E9: The Gentle Art of Listening

Oh man, I know this one. Two seconds into it, I know it. This is the rape episode! Brenda starts working at a teen help line and gets a call from a girl who has been raped. I think it turns out to be a popular girl. I don’t remember any of the secondary storylines though.

It’s Grudge Week, a week of sporting events and pep rallies and whatnot. A week that is “every guy’s thing,” according to Dylan, because freshman girls try to pick up older boys. Um, okay. A lovesick freshman girl follows Brandon around like a puppy dog, and he keeps glaring at her and rolling his eyes. He even complains about her to Cindy, who tells him he’s a heartbreaker.

Brenda is tired of always going shopping with the girls, so Brandon suggests that she work at the teen “rap line” with Andrea. The first night that Brenda is there to observe, Kelly is late picking her up so she gets a janitor to let her back into the building. The phone rings, and even though she knows she shouldn’t, she answers. Then she regrets it, because the poor girl on the other end wants to know how to tell when you’ve been raped. When Kelly arrives, Brenda tells her all about it. Bitch please! It’s called “confidentiality.”

Brandon meets a woman named Nina, a massage therapist who is very flirtatious. She asks if she can practice a new technique on him and he gets all jazzed, thinking they’re going to do it. He even asks Dylan for advice on making it with an older woman. This conversation is fantastic so I’ll give you a little here. Imagine Brandon stuttering and nervous, and Dylan cool as a cucumber.

B: She’s hot in an organic way, kind of like Debra Winger.
D: Have fun.
B: You’ve been with an older woman before, right?
D: It’s not my style to kiss & tell but … what’s your question?
B: If we, like, like, you know, if we do it … is she gonna expect me to spend the night?
D: It’s customary, yeah.
B: How am I gonna get around my mom?

Then they have the “rap line” caller, a cheerleader, run into Dylan in the hall so she can say she’s sorry and we can recognize her voice. The girl calls the line every night, so eventually Brenda figures out who she is. Then she confronts the girl in the hallway. Seriously!

The girl gives Brenda attitude, for good reason. She says that she called the “rap line” because she needed someone to talk to – someone she didn’t have to look in the eye, someone who didn’t know who she was. She is furious at Brenda for seeking her out. Man, if this story got out nobody would ever call the “of course you can remain anonymous” rap line again. Later that night, when the cheerleader’s stupid jock boyfriend tries to rape her again, the police are waiting for him. Brenda has connected the timing of the calls to the sporting events taking place during Grudge Week. Take that, stupid jock boyfriend!

Meanwhile, Brandon goes over to Nina’s only to discover he’s been a tad overconfident. Nina has a boyfriend, and was not hitting on him at all. In the end, he goes up to his freshman stalker, reveals that he knows her name, and tells her she has a nice smile. Her face lights up.

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