90210 S1E10: Isn't It Romantic?

Dylan and Brenda get together. We learn more about Dylan’s troubled past. I think his dad makes his first appearance. And maybe Brandon has issues with his friend dating his sister? I don’t actually remember that, but I can envision it happening. I also vaguely remember Dylan having anger issues.

Brenda walks up to Brandon, who is working on his car and is literally covered in dirt Or motor oil. Regardless, he’s dirty. Brenda starts yammering on about how she misses winter because she needs a season to “sulk and be depressed in.” Suddenly, Dylan rolls out from under the car and turns on the sex appeal, kind of leering at her. Brenda goes up to her room and stares at Dylan from the balcony. To the strains of sexy instrumental music, he looks back at her. You can experience this moment yourself via the photos above.

Later, Dylan takes a shower in the twins’ shared bathroom and Brenda walks in on him, thinking it’s her bro. Even hotter. Dylan invites her to a movie with he and Brandon. Actually, what he says is, “You into videotape?” And Dylan wears the stupid plaid parachute pants again, but they all have fun anyway.

The next day, Brandon is sick so Brenda and Dylan go out alone. It’s not a date. But it totally is. Jim is an accountant, and Dylan’s dad is “what’s known in financial circles as an unethical bastard,” so Jim knows all about him, and this makes him skeptical of the poor boy. Cindy, on the other hand, likes Dylan.

Everything goes well until Dylan takes Brenda back to his place and his dad is there. They scream at each other. Dylan starts to pour himself a drink but then storms out, dragging Brenda with him. She tries to talk to him, and he’s so angry and frustrated that he yells at her, then picks up a potted plant and smashes it onto the ground. Brenda runs away to super dramatic music, and Dylan chases her. When he catches her, he wraps his arms around her from behind. She is supposed to be terrified so you’d think she’d slam her foot into his shin, but instead they both start sobbing and then share a passionate kiss. It’s weird.

Turns out Dylan’s father kicked him out of the house and they didn’t speak for a year. Jim forbids Brenda to see Dylan, but she ignores him. She wants to have sex with Dylan, but has doubts. She goes to Kelly:

B: This is going so fast.
K: And we’re just talking about it. Wait ‘til you get to the real thing.
B: I guess I’m more into the romancing, like in the movies.
K: That’s all well and good for the movies, but you do have protection, right?
B: Well, no.
K: Basic rule #1: never rely on the guy. Memorize that.
B: You sound so clinical.
K: Dear, clinical is “What time shall we schedule the procedure?”

Dylan and Brenda then become an adorable couple that holds hands in the hallway and wrestles on the school lawn. Brenda is all ready to sleep with him…until he stands her up on a date. Brenda cries for two days straight and refuses to go to school. Brandon tries to talk to Dylan, because he has discovered that Dylan moved without leaving a forwarding address. All Dylan will say is, “Something came up.”

Eventually, Dylan apologizes to Brenda. He had to help his dad prepare to leave the country but he doesn’t have any more information because that way, he won’t have to lie if he’s subpoenaed. They make out on the couch and Jim comes this!close to catching them. This must happen again later, because I thought I recognized this scene as one in which they actually do get caught. It’s weird the things you remember.

Brenda gets in a huge fight with her dad and asks why “with Brandon you just wanted him to know about birth control, but my whole value system is on the line.” Jim replies, “It’s just different with girls. I just don’t know if I’m ready … I mean if you’re ready.” I’m kind of surprised, because this episode is bringing up a lot of interesting points about sex and the way that teens and their parents deal with it. Certainly more interesting than contemporary dramas like The OC or Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, in health class it’s Sex Ed time and Steve finagles a way to pick up the “sex expert” that is coming to speak at West Beverly. Scott’s mother won’t sign his consent form because she doesn’t like the message he’ll be getting at school. David’s response? “What kind of message are you getting at home? Your mom has six kids.” Way to support population control 90210!

When Steve meets Stacy it’s super obvious that, far from being a sex expert, something is wrong with her. Especially when she says, “I’m feeling pretty good these days.” Steve asks her out, but she politely turns him down. At the seminar, it turns out she has AIDS. So naturally everyone starts to have second thoughts about sex. In the end, Jim semi-accepts Dylan. Brenda asks Dylan to get tested, even though she’s afraid he’ll get mad. Bless his heart, Dylan agrees instantly.


Christina said...

someone should have told Brenda that tucking in her shirt like that is very unflattering.

boots said...

i hear you, but dylan doesn't seem to mind...