90210 S1E21: Spring Dance

I don’t have a lot in me today, so here we go…

Andrea asks Brandon if he’s going to the dance.
Brandon says no, so they make plans to watch a movie at her place.
Kelly asks Brandon to the dance.
Brandon says no, but she convinces him to go.
Andrea is crushed.
Steve wants to ask Kelly to the dance.
When he realizes she is going with Brandon, he is crushed.
Kelly tells him to ask Donna instead.

Donna buys a red dress with a hoop skirt straight out of Gone with the Wind.
Kelly and Brenda like the same dress, but each tells the other to buy it.
Of course, they both end up wearing the same dress and then get into a fight.

Kelly is voted a Spring Princess, and ends up winning Spring Queen.
Steve ignores Donna all night.
Donna’s skirt is so huge that she can’t sit down.
Dylan gets a hotel room and he and Brenda have sex (more on that later).
Kelly and Brandon make out in front of Steve.
But then Brandon tells her she’s like a sister to him.
Brandon tracks down Steve, who admits it’s his birthday.
And he’s adopted.
Kelly is the only one who knows, but she’s too self-centered to care about him.
Kelly tries to apologize, but Steve shuts her out.
At home, Andrea watches a movie called Prom Nightmare.
She drifts off and dreams that she kills everyone with a chainsaw.
So, she goes to the dance stag. Brandon says she looks beautiful.
In the end, they all do a little group dance in a circle.

Now: about Brenda’s first time. Remarkably, it seems like the most unimportant part of the whole episode. Dylan gets them a room in the hotel where the dance is held. They go upstairs. She’s nervous, but she’s totally ready. She even says that out loud. The next time we see them, she’s making the bed. They look exactly the same as they did before. Her hair is even still swept up in the same complicated hairstyle. In order to sell this, I think they should have been a little more mussed-up. Also, they don’t act any differently. Unlike many contemporary shows, there is no trace of doubt or regret or anything. It’s just…done.

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Candace said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean! But when I was younger, that episode was such a big deal to me and my friends. We ran to school just to talk about how great it was lol. I didn't even mind the moments afterwards when she was making the bed and they seemed like no big deal. I wanted a more drawn out beginning. I wanted her to be nervous, yet still ready...I wanted him to go slowly with her, make sure she was cool...But they definitely went to that room like they were old pro's. And did anyone else notice that when they walked into the hotel room, Dylan never shut the door? And about 10 seconds in, he is throwing his jacket, kissing her and unzipping (you could hear that zipper flying down LOL).