90210 S1E22: Home Again

In this episode, Jim’s company wants to transfer him back to Minneapolis. He agrees to let the family vote, but then throws their decision out the window when the company offers to double his salary. The whole ep is basically one long goodbye, and the only interesting thing that happens is that Andrea offers herself to Brandon. He is unsure at first, but then decides to go for it. They make out a little, then plan to have sex in the Peach Pit after hours. It's what every girl dreams of.

Unfortunately, after all this buildup nothing happens. Andrea goes to Kelly for advice about sex and Kelly, who is apparently a cock-blocker AND a slut, decides to throw the Walsh family a surprise going-away party at the Peach Pit instead. Seeing how happy his family is in Beverly Hills, Jim relents and decides not to take the promotion. Everyone cheers.

Except Brenda, who turns to Dylan and says, “I’m late.” Yikes!

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