90210 Season 2

I’m bored of trying to remember what happened in these episodes, plus I’m learning that I don’t remember the show as well as I thought. So I’m abandoning that thread. The new intros will be taken verbatim from the DVD packaging, exclamation points and all. Here’s what we apparently have to look forward to in the “season where things really start to sizzle”:

1. The gang meets Color Me Badd!

That should be quite enough to keep you interested, but if not, here’s more:

2. The introduction of Emily Valentine
3. Brenda’s pregnancy scare
4. “Race hate and violence”
5. Kelly falls for Brenda’s paraplegic cousin
7. Scott kills himself (sparklers will always remind me of this episode)
8. Steve tries to find his biological mother

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Anonymous said...

Wow, suicide, war, hate, race, teen pregnancy, violence, does this all take place at the peachpit or after school? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!