ANTM Cycle 11: We Hate America Edition

Since it was a commercial, there is no photo this week. Plus, Blogger is being a pain in the ass.

This season is really weird what with the whole “European vs. American” issue being way too big a deal. A bunch of the girls accuse Elina and Marjorie of “hating America” when they start the episode, again, talking (to each other) about how Europeans are raised differently, and Americans just can’t understand. Sheena asks if they even like America, and what they hear is, “Go back to your own country.” I don’t really believe that’s what she meant, but she did say it in an awfully bitchy tone. I liked Sheena just fine, until now. Later, Annaleigh tells Samantha that she does and says a lot of things that can be construed as offensive. Sheena loses it, and she and Elina get into a huge fight. Sheena describes the issue as “Good vs. Evil.” I hate her.

The Swirl Twins teach the girls how to model accessories. For their challenge, they wear full body stockings (which also cover their faces) and pose against a blue-screen-type deal so that on the monitor, all you see are the clothes and accessories. The designer calls it the “Invisible Model.” The winner gets a holiday spread in Seventeen magazine. Elina complains (as usual) about being claustrophobic, but ends up doing well and wins. Most of the other girls are terrible. Marjorie in particular gets nailed because the top part of her dress falls to her waist and she doesn’t notice. But she is wearing a body stocking, so I can see how she wouldn’t necessarily feel it slip. Elina gets to choose two friends to do the shoot with, and she picks Marjorie and Annaleigh. This pisses Samantha and Sheena off because Elina “hates holidays because she’s an atheist.” WTF is wrong with these ignorant girls? I don’t believe in God, but I love the holidays.

Joslyn gets very sick and starts vomiting profusely in the hair & makeup studio. The girls do a commercial for Cover Girl, and Cycle 10 winner Whitney is there to guide them. She looks awesome. Unlike previous years, the girls get to use a teleprompter. However, Jay warns them this may be more difficult because they need to seem as if they’re not reading.

McKey is clueless.
Elina is too controlled (E: “I’m sick of hearing that.” J: “Well, I’m sick of saying it.”)
Joslyn powers through her illness but is too fake and overdoes it.
Samantha is genuine and energetic.
Sheena flows across the screen effortlessly.
Marjorie cries after one bad take, Jay feels he needs to coddle her and he’s tired of it.
Annaleigh is amazing, conversational, and engaging.

The girls have to do a runway walk in clogs. They are going to … Amsterdam! I am jealous.
McKey is looks gorgeous but her commercial is not good.
Elina is a “closed fist,” she’s still holding back too much.
Joslyn is fake and used her arms too much, but you couldn’t tell she was sick.
Samantha didn’t make it her own, didn’t enunciate, they can’t understand her.
Sheena works well on TV.
Marjorie rushed too much, her hands were all over the place.
Annaleigh is the best in the history of ANTM and was the only one to use the product.

McKey has the prettiest face, but was a disaster.
Elina is too tight, doesn’t translate onscreen, lacks natural charm.
Joslyn keeps getting worse and worse.
Samantha is likable.
Sheena was expressive and fluid.
Marjorie’s awkwardness doesn’t work as well onscreen.
Annaleigh was perfect and fresh.

Paulina points out that none of them are good at both print and commercials.

The first photo is Annaleigh.
The bottom two are and Elina and Joslyn.

Elina did not translate well to moving pictures.
Joslyn started strong but has faltered since.

Joslyn is eliminated.

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