Fringe S1E6: The Cure

“This is upsetting because he’s the friendliest of fruits.”

Sorry for the late post; yesterday was … interesting. But on to this Fringe, where more questions abound. A girl in a diner emits radiation and melts everyone’s brains. Or something. It all leads back to a drug company called Intrepus, run by Digger from Gilmore Girls. Digger’s a bad dude, and in the end Olivia takes him down.

Olivia received a fairly ridiculous back-story in this episode. Apparently her dad used to beat up her mom, so finally a 9-year-old Olivia shot him. Twice. But he didn’t die, and every year on her birthday he sends her a card “just to remind her that he’s still out there.” Every year Olivia regrets that she didn’t finish the job. Really? Olivia regrets that her very young self didn’t kill a person? I find that rather hard to believe.

Meanwhile, Peter and Walter have fallen into a warm, comfortable routine (albeit one that involves Peter being occasionally driven crazy by nonstop humming). To stop Digger, he goes to Nina for help. She does help, but now he owes her a favor back. And she says something ominous about how she and Walter spent quite a bit of time together in their younger days. Now, on a show like this I take that as a subtle suggestion that Nina is possibly supposed to be Peter’s real mom. A similar insinuation was made on Alias, with the end result being that Sloane was not Sydney’s father even though he did have an affair with Irina. What will Fringe do with it?

Also, Olivia is supposed to be 28. For real?

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