Fringe S1E11: Bound

“Hey, guess what just happened? Finding out that my father's giving drugs to bugs just became a typical moment in my life.”

1. I expected Mitchell Loeb to be a bad guy for some time, at least a full season. But he’s already done! It was chilling when he told Olivia that he had kidnapped her to save her. Whenever someone says, “You don’t understand what you’re doing!” on shows like this, it never ends well.

2. Did Nina have anything to do with the abduction? And how smart was Olivia to hide the canister when she escaped? It’s almost like she knew what would happen…

3. I don’t remember Harris, have we seen him before? Because now he’s investigating the Fringe division, and he has a serious hatred for Olivia.

4. Olivia continues on the road to humanization with the intro of her sister, Rachel, and her niece, Ella. Ella’s father is out of the picture, and Rachel totally knows what Olivia does for a living. I’m not saying she’s evil, but I imagine she’s not all sweetness and light.

5. Magic 8-Ball?

6. Development as far as an Olivia-Peter relationship, if only that Walter suspects something is brewing. And feels free to chat about it, openly.

7. Olivia has started to reply more on kicking ass than her gun, which is nice.

8. The slug is a mutation of the common cold!?!? How gross! Although fabulous when Walter gave it decongestant.

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Mrs. M. said...

I am so glad that Fringe returned. I was beginning to suffer some serious Walter withdraws.