Supernatural S4E12: Criss Angel is a Douche Bag

First: In exciting SN news, the show has had a ratings surge! An average of 3 million viewers a week, which is much better than its previous numbers. And, Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune recently called it one of the best shows of 2008. Yay!

Second: how many times did they say “douchebag” in this episode? At least 15 or 20? Fabulous.

On to the recap: At a magicians’ convention, an aging trio of magicians are depressed about the state of the biz, which is being taken over by young, eyeliner-wearing douchebags. Jay, who still has a show (albeit a failing one), decides to do a trick called the Table of Death even though he’s really not dexterous enough anymore. There is a vague hint that he’s trying to commit suicide. Even though his friends are concerned, they strap him to a table upon which a bed of spikes will impale him if he cannot escape in time. A curtain is drawn, so the struggle is seen in silhouette. He totally doesn’t make it and the spikes slam into him…and then he draws back the curtain, beaming and alive. The crowd erupts in applause. But, out in the street, a young douchebag magician collapses as rows of blood spots pinprick his shirt. Dum-dum-DUM!!

The brothers arrive to see Jeb Dexter (a parody of Criss Angel) and immediately identify him as a douchebag. Jay is feeling good from the previous night’s triumph and decides to do “The Executioner,” a trick so dangerous that Houdini wouldn’t attempt it. Dean speaks Jay’s friends Charlie and Vernon. They misdirect him, later explaining that “you can’t con a con man.”

Meanwhile, Ruby pays a visit to Sam and informs him that 34 seals have been broken while he’s doing nothing. She pressures him to use his abilities to go after Lilith, but he resists. That evening, the brothers attend Jay’s show and are surprised to see him throw back the curtain after his silhouette clearly shows him being hung by a noose. Dean is wowed. Sam is dubious. He is also starting to panic, because he wonders if he and Dean will still being fighting demons when they’re 60. It’s kind of depressing.

The brothers go after Jay, but quickly discover that he’s not their man. However, during the interrogation they tie him to a chair, so naturally he presses charges. Later that night, Jay does the Table of Death trick again…only this time, Charlie is the one who dies. Horrified, Jay drops the charges and approaches the Winchesters for help. Oh, and the bros figure out that cursed tarot cards have something to do with the murders.

The only other option is Vernon, right? Jay confronts him and they argue, but both are shocked into silence when Charlie appears, all of 28 years old. WTF? Apparently, Charlie has used the Grimoire (also referenced in Charmed, ha ha) to cast an immortality spell. But for this “rebirth,” he wants Jay and Vernon to come with him. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Vernon is down with the idea, but Jay refuses.

When the brothers arrive, Charlie strings Dean up in a noose and straps Sam to the Table of Death, but just in time Jay stabs himself in the stomach and reveals that, via sleight-of-hand, he has secreted a tarot card in his friend’s jacket. So, Charlie dies. I don’t really understand this – I mean he’s immortal, so won’t he just be reborn?

In the end, the brothers come upon Jay drunk and alone. Vernon has sworn him off for what he did to Charlie, and he is despondent. They try to convince Jay that he did the right thing, but he shuffles off in despair. Dean gets a beer, and Sam says he’s going for a walk. And by “going for a walk,” he means “getting into a car with Ruby, saying ‘I’m in,’ and driving off.”

Next week: Dean and Sam, together again. And, the episode will involve flashbacks of the Winchesters as youngsters, but Dean looks way older than Sam. Aren’t they only supposed to be a couple years apart? Check it out:

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